Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gettysburg - Tuesday

Today saw the first day of conformation judging, held at the Allstar Events Complex that is essentially next door to the host hotel, but a bit of a walk if you are carrying any sort of a load. Let's just say our rented minivan has made the jaunt a few times today...

The day started out cool and overcast but by noon the sky had opened up and it poured on the two draft tests that were being held.

Below you will find results for the following events, Herding (which was held Monday), Draft Tests 2 and 3 and Puppy Sweepstakes. Sorry that I don't have any herding photos, but I understand Chris Stefenac was there taking actions shots, be sure to check out his website www.csphotoonline.com/ . He takes incredible dog photos, I have ordered from him before and have always been happy with the hard copies.

So, without further ado...

HERDING- thank you Claire Coppola and your team of volunteers!

JHD : (13 BMDs qualifying, 5 new titles)

105) Lindenhof's Freya v Chargun CD, RE, NA, NAJ, JHD-s, Owner: Barbara Bootes

108) CH Robyn vom Worblental CDX RAE TD HSA-s MDD MBDD HRD1 -s HTAD1 -s RLF1-s JHD-s, Owner: Waverly & Priscilla Sykes

110) CH Tranquility's Andy Robynson CD RAE HAS-s HTAD1-s RLF1-s JHD-s, Owner: Waverly & Priscilla Sykes new title! (Also, high scoring Berner in trial)

112) Tranquility's ANJA Jungfrau CD RAE HAS-s HTAD1-s RLF1-s JHD-s, Owner: Waverly & Priscilla Sykes

113) Baran's Jolly Boy, Owner: William & Lesley Baran new title!

114) Brighteye So Dashing in Black, Owner: Cynthia Harry new title!

115) Trillium's Tequila Rhythm RN HCT-s, Owner: Tina & Rob Johnson new title!
116) Edgeside's Grand Indulgence v Anatar RE JHD-s, Owner: Julie Bacon

117) CH Classique's Along Came Jones CD BN RAE2 AXP OJP NFP MBDD, HCT-s, Owner: Donna Coffin new title!

118) Keilissa's Midnight Seranade CDX, RE, CGC BMDCA-DD, Owner: JoAnn & John Biercuk new title!

133) Ch Brenna's Cindy v. Lindenhof CD, RE, NA, NAP, OAP, OJP, Owner: Barbara Bootes

134) Ingrid Ida v. Lindenhof CD, RE, OAP, OJP, Owner: Barbara Bootes

135) Lara Lydia v. Lindenhof CD, RE, OA, NAJ, Owner: Barbara Bootes

HCT: (7 BMDs qualifying, 2 new titles)

CH Bente HCT-s, Owner: Nancy Melone

121) Kaibab's Holden on to the Moon, Owner: Toby Erlichman

122) Decade’s Nettie Emmi, Owner: Lori & Andre Friedli  new title!

124) Thorn Creeks Arwen Evenstar, Owner: Nancy Melone

125) Decade's Charly Feeney, Owner: Lori & Andre Friedli

127) Trulli's Scrumptious Bailiwick, Owner: Becky & Colin Wright

130) Oberland's Olive Branch, Mie Kingsley



T203 WellingtonCH Mountair's Lima Bean CD BN RE DD CGC
Owner: Elisabeth Dennehy & Will Rogers & Darcy Babb
Handler: Beth Dennehy
T204 LivvieOberland's Olive Branch CDX RN TD NDD CGC
Owner: Mie Kingsley
Handler: Mie Kingsley
T206 KarmaEdgeside's Karma CDX RAE AX OAJ NAP NJP OF ANDD DD JHDs
Owner: Julie Bacon
Handler: Julie Bacon
T207 SyrahKeilissa's Midnight Seranade CDX RE DD
Owner: JoAnn & John Biercuk
Handler: JoAnn Biercuk
T209 AjaxBetruf Ajax RA NAP ANDD MDD BDD CGC
Owner: Cheryl & Bill Brickach
Handler: Cheryl Brickach
T210 BodeCH Redbarn's Granite State Pride RN CGC
Owner: Diane Caldwell
Handler: Diane Caldwell
T213 WellingtonCH Mountair's Lima Bean CD BN RE DD CGC
Owner: Elisabeth Dennehy & Will Rogers & Darcy Babb
Handler: Beth Dennehy
T215 TrumanTexas Star of Independence NDD
Owner: Sherry S Daniel
Handler: Sherry S Daniel
T218 DynieCan CH Spellbound Epic Dynasty Can DD
Owner: Georgina Cornell
Handler: Georgina Cornell
T221 SyrahKeilissa's Midnight Seranade CDX RE DD
Owner: JoAnn & John Biercuk
Handler: JoAnn Biercuk

Draft Test #3 Results!
T302 JBBaran's Jolly Boy RN NDD CGC
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Baran
Handler: Dr. William Baran
T304 RobynCH Robyn Vom Worblental CDX RAE TD HSAs MDD MBDD HRD-Is HTAD-Is RLF-Is JHDs
Owner: Waverly & Priscilla Sykes
Handler: W. E. (Buck) Sykes
T315 PaddyRosa-N-Skylyn's Pandora NDD CGC
Owner: Michelle Keck & Christine McLean
Handler: Michelle Keck

T318 CodyBrighteye Cosmic Code Keeper BN RE TD OAP OJP DD
Owner: Bev Jurinek & Deborah Hotze
Handler: Bev Jurinek

T319 BoulderGCH CH Stonehill's Boulder The Egg-Cellent CD CGC
Owner: Keith & Kerry Waltersdorf
Handler: Kerry Waltersdorf
T320 WillieCH Blumoon's Steamboat Willie RN
Owner: Carl Eschweiler & Christine Mann
Handler: Mary Alice Eschweiler

T321 CocoaCocoa Starosta RN
Owner: George Starosta
Handler: George Starosta
TA02 KitleyStarlight's Bright Nighttime Star NDD
Owner: Angela & Kirk Hanson
Handler: Angela Hanson

Puppy Sweepstakes!

Puppy Dog 6-9 Months
29 Entered, 24 Present, 1 Excused
1.  (239)  AYEHLI'S RACONTEUR Owner, Fara Bushnell (please note this is a correction to what was originally posted)
2. (359) JIRARDIN EMILE IZ KLANA LEGATO Owner, Masaaki Tamada & Kikue Shimizu
3. (141) VILLAIRNS PHOTO FINISH Owner, K. Hodgson & J. Whitton‑Smith
4. (49) BRIGHTWATER'S KEEP ON ROLLING, Owner, Georgeann Reeve

Puppy Dog 9-12 Months
12 Entered, 12 Present, 0 Excused
1. (31) CH. WITCHWAYS KEEPING MY COOL Owner, Joyce E. Dickhoff & Richard Harrison
3. (247) STARKENHUND HELUVA KNIGHT AT WITRIN Owner, Lisa M. Mitchell & Elaine Lawrence
4. (253) FORTUNEIA OPPORTUNITY KNOX V SAJAN Owner, Sandra J. Hawkins

Puppy Junior 12-15 Months
13 Entered, 13 Present, 0 Excused
1. (35) ALPENSPIRIT SWEET CELEBRATION, Owner, Diane & Charles Sylvester & Sindi Leo & Mylene Turbide
2. (195) GLENMEGAN'S JOURNEY TO SEAWIND FARM, Owner, Alise Burbridge & Megan McTavish, (Michelle Scott,PHA, Agent)
3. (41) TRULLI'S FLAGPOLE SITTA, Owner, Jill M. Johnston & Mike Lella
4. (450) ALPENSPIRIT IT'S OUR GAME, Owner, Mylene Turbide

Junior Dogs 15-18 Months
11 Entered, 10 Present, 0 Excused
1. (193) NASHEMS HOMEBREW, Owner, Dottie Schulte & Sara Karl & Helen Karl
2. (307) CARMA QUE'S HILLBILLY CHAMPAGNE, Owner, Marsha Schaublin & Brenda Calvelage
3. (415) CH. LAVISH'S DARK HORSE V AYEHLI, Owner, Layal Bouaoun & Fara Bushnell
4. (313) TIMBRDGS PROMETHEAN'S FYRE V WINDFALL, Owner, Dr. Michael Knicely & Kris Hayko

Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months
29 Entered, 26 Present, 0 Excused
1. (274) AYEHLI'S HERE WE GO AGAIN, Owner, Fara Bushnell
2. (168) ARIA'S THIRD TIME'S A CHARM, Owner, Cheryle M. Watson
3. (12) SNOWCAP'S DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, Owner, Carla, Amanda, Alexis & Douglas Cook
4. (166) AVATARS OOP'S I DID IT AGAIN WITH BRASSRING, Owner, Kim Groves & Luiz Fernandes & Karen Hodgson.

Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months
17 Entered, 14 Present, 0 Excused
1. (426) ALPENSPIRIT FAIREST ONE OF ALL, Owner, Mylene Turbide
2. (18) ALPENSPIRIT BEFORE MIDNIGHT, Owner, Sindi L. Leo & Mylene Turbide
3. (278) VIDA'S PICKA‑ME PIPPA, Owner, Heather Sherwood
4. (354) BACKCOUNTRY ORSERA, Owner, Bonnie Fisher & Wendy Bennett

Junior Bitch 12-15 Months
32 Entered, 28 Present, 0 Excused
2. (34) GLENMEGAN'S JEWEL IN THE CROWN, Owner, Megan McTavish, (Michelle Scott,PHA, Agent)
3. (282) SHERSAN'S LAVENDER N LACE, Owner, Carolyn Kinley, (Bobbi Kinley Blewett, Agent)
4. (614) SKYLYN'S SHOCK WAVE, Owner, Christine McLean

Junior Bitch 15-18 Months
15 Entered, 12 Present, 0 Excused
1. (464) MAJESTYK'S GUILTY PLEASURE, BreederOwner, Gene Williams & Karen Jacobs
2. (484) JENDA'S HANKY PANKY, Owner, Jeni West & Steve Sedlacek
3. (62) NASHEMS HEY SOUL SISTER, Owner, Sara & Helen Karl
4. (56) DE‑LI'S EXPLORE THE UNCHARTED, Owner, Elizabeth & D. Eugene Hamme

(464) MAJESTYK'S GUILTY PLEASURE, Owner, Gene Williams & Karen Jacobs
Best Junior in Sweepstakes

(274) AYEHLI'S HERE WE GO AGAIN, Owner, Fara Bushnell
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes

Sorry, no license plates tonight... It's been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer with Veteran Sweepstakes occurring in the evening.

Thanks for checking the blog!
Carrie Roos 


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